Amy Teal

Real Estate Specialist at Pomerleau Team

About Amy Teal

Amy Teal is a real estate professional who transitioned from a marketing career to real estate, infusing creativity, and strategic thinking into property transactions. Amy’s background includes not only marketing but a degree in drafting and design highlighting her unwavering commitment to continuous learning and cultivating a versatile skill set.

With this diverse background, Amy has an eye for property aesthetics and strategic expertise in effective marketing. Fueled by a genuine passion for assisting individuals in fulfilling their property needs, Amy is wholeheartedly devoted to providing personalized and expert guidance throughout every step of the real estate process.

In Amy’s own words, “I am here to stand by your side through the monumental journey of buying or selling your home. Your needs will be my top priority, ensuring each question is answered and keeping your best interests front and center. Let’s not just navigate the market; let’s make this memorable journey together!”

Beyond real estate, Amy has spent the majority of her life in the Western Minneapolis suburbs and now leads an active lifestyle in Plymouth, MN. Whether engaging in morning workouts, exploring new cultures through travel, or unwinding with a captivating book, Amy embraces a well-rounded approach to life that mirrors her dedication to providing a holistic and enriching real estate experience.

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